About Us

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Our Teams

Our multi-talented teams are specialists in creating, delivering, staffing and sharing remarkable experiences that change the way brands and people connect.  

Our teams build valued relationships with key influencers throughout the industry. They have the brand experience and retail knowledge to maximize your sales results in stores. They understand the challenges that brands face in developing, launching and distributing your product.

Deploying our sales promoters means that the carefully selected staff member can be part of your team everyday driving incremental sales and brand presence. This is what we do as a leading promotion agency. Our sales promoters and hostesses manage in store sales and brand representation for leading brands across various retail channels such as travel retail and local market, shopping malls, luxury boutiques and event venues, pop-up stores and promotions.

The Team

Virginia Navarro
General Manager Switzerland
Dálida Costa
General Manager Portugal
Sandra Djoric
Field Manager Zurich Airport
Saska Djoric
Field Manager Basel & Geneva Airport
Noemi Codutti
Back Office


Our Values

We listen carefully and ask questions until we understand the needs of our clients and employees
In our commitment to continuously improve, innovate and deliver exceptional results.
We attract diverse, intelligent and driven team members. They are inspired to provide their best for our clients in getting remarkable results and exceptional experiences.
Our thought leadership and ongoing learning, in the industry, helps to influence and impact everyone involved in a positive manner.
Our passion shows through our actions, whether it is to serve our clients or our employees. We go the extra mile in all that we do.


We provide excellent customer service all the time and around the year and always exceed our customer’s expectations. Going above and beyond expectations is our passion.


Our success at Measure Marketing is measured by the results we get for our clients. We aim to be the most effective inbound marketing agency that’s recognized by our clients for providing epic experiences and remarkable results.


To honor all promises and commitments

To deliver outstanding results

To be welcomed back

Quality goes before quantity